About Us

Apex Marine Solutions Ltd is a family run company formed in October 2017 with the director having 25 years’ experience in the Marine industry; we are a company dedicated to Customer Service, Asset Protection and just as importantly the Environment.

Apex Marine Solutions is proud to be in association with the following companies,

Seacoat Technology, manufacturer of Lloyds approved, non toxic foul release coatings.

Ceramic Pro, manufacturer of Hydrophobic coating for any surface.

NRG Marine, manufacturer of the Sonihull Ultrasonic anti foul system.

METEC , manufacturer of Zinc & Aluminium anodes

Remora, manufacturer of DIY under water hull cleaning tooling.

Apex Marine Solutions Ltd has the Customer’s asset & Marine Environment at heart and having the above advanced products onboard is supporting our beliefs, not only for the present but also for future generations to come.

Excellent products with outstanding benefits!

The Director.

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