An introduction to SeaCoat

Seacoat Technology delivers high performance Silicone and Silane paint and coating technology to the marine industry. Non toxic and environmentally safe solutions for bottom painting as alternatives to conventional toxic antifouling . Seacoat is a leader in the development of advanced Silicone Foul release coatings (FRC) for all types of vessels.

Why use SeaCoat



SEA-SPEED® V 10 X ULTRA CLEAR is simply a clear version of our SEA-SPEED. Designed for sail and motor racing vessels. It is deal for smaller pleasure boats where the owner does not want the classic bottom paint look. It is easy to apply and provides a very durable high gloss finish that is non-stick and extremely smooth.

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Armor-Sil® R/G

Armor-Sil® R/G, The latest innovation in marine running gear protection, Armor-Sil® R/G is the Culmination of years in development and testing for superior durability and function to protect and maintain fouling free propellers and running gear. Armor-Sil® R/G is the most effective and longest lasting Running gear protection technology available globally. Increasing and maintaining peak performance and durability for years is key for all types of vessels including all pleasure craft and large commercial ships

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